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Features at a glance

The newly developed dokko scanner not only offers significantly higher resolution and image quality than drum scanners, but also has many workflow advantages that maximise archival security and flexibility.

Highest Resolution

the dokko scanner sets a new record in scan resolution, reaching up to 40'000 ppi, surpassing any other commercial high-end scanner. This enables the creation of remarkably large prints, with the finest detail down to the native grain texture.

Archival Safety

Different from conventional workflows, you not only get carefully optimised digital files for final output, but also a copy of the unaltered raw scans. This provides a secure digital backup of the film, which can be repurposed for future needs.

Consistent Sharpness

Thanks to the highly optimised optical system and a special multi-sampling method, the dokko scanner ensures perfect edge to edge sharpness, even on curved film.

Full Shadow and Highlight Detail

Using the latest digital sensor technology, dokko scans capture a higher contrast range then even drum scanners. This results in cleaner and richer shadows while protecting the highlight details.

Digital Contact Sheets

Elephant scans always include two digital contact sheets: One with identical corrections on all the images for an overview of the exposure and color balance, and one with all images individually corrected.

No Chromatic Errors

The optics in the dokko scanner are fully apochromatic-corrected, resulting in scans free of any false color edges and with exceptionally vibrant colors.

Close Collaboration

Since a film negative can be rendered in many different ways, a close collaboration with the photographer or artist is essential to match their vision. That's why I purposefully work on a small scale that prioritises the human factor.

Gentle on Originals

The maximum protection and careful handling of the film originals is of highest priority. That's why I don't use any automatic film threading or transport. And unlike drum scanning, there is no need for oil mounting or cutting of film strips.